Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Thank you goes a long way

For a period of five years, I've worked as an A- plus leader at the YMCA. Although the pay ain't all that great, it offered me such great experiences. One of the MANY lessons I've learned about is the power of a "Thank You." This experience comes after the end of the year. A teacher told her class to write a thank you note to anyone on campus whom you appreciate and has helped you. This boy, named Zachary chose to write to me. Here's what he wrote:
The feeling I had after I received this letter is tremendous. I honestly could have died at the moment and said my life was meaningful. There is no price you can put on something like this especially since it was written by a third grader in my group.

I read a book about writing a mission statement for you life, and one of the tasks was to clarify your values, among them, I put down to be understanding, and to be patient with people. This letter clarified that value and showed me that others see it in me. When I received the letter, I framed it and it currently is on my wall. I look at it as a source of encouragement.

A Thank You goes a long way. It shows people how much you care. Thank someone today.


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Scott Sunaoka said...

thanks for still being alive grant. this is, of course, in reference to your earlier post. but still you managed to make it a few more months than you could have...