Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Even though it seems bad, you just gotta laugh!

Say Fire Truck (Rated R)


Thursday, May 1, 2008


I am just pondering how quickly time passes by. It's almost like water slipping through your fingers in cupped hands. Everybody rich and poor, young and old, white collar, or blue collar all have the same amount of time in the day. No one rich person can add another hour to the day. Bill Gates once said that if he could buy anything, it be more time.

I believe that the time we have is like an investment. You have it now, how can we use it to make the most out of it? One of my goals is to become a better time manager. A while back, I bought a book by John C. Maxwell titled "Today Matters." The book comes with questions after every chapter. Each week, I'll post my answers to the questions on this blog for each chapter. Hopefully, I'll be consistent with this being there are people who read this and are giving me an earful of grief for not updating this. So HERE!!!! HAPPY?!!! Nah, nah, thanks for reading this and for keeping me accountable for writing. -Awwwrright!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Thank you goes a long way

For a period of five years, I've worked as an A- plus leader at the YMCA. Although the pay ain't all that great, it offered me such great experiences. One of the MANY lessons I've learned about is the power of a "Thank You." This experience comes after the end of the year. A teacher told her class to write a thank you note to anyone on campus whom you appreciate and has helped you. This boy, named Zachary chose to write to me. Here's what he wrote:
The feeling I had after I received this letter is tremendous. I honestly could have died at the moment and said my life was meaningful. There is no price you can put on something like this especially since it was written by a third grader in my group.

I read a book about writing a mission statement for you life, and one of the tasks was to clarify your values, among them, I put down to be understanding, and to be patient with people. This letter clarified that value and showed me that others see it in me. When I received the letter, I framed it and it currently is on my wall. I look at it as a source of encouragement.

A Thank You goes a long way. It shows people how much you care. Thank someone today.


Monday, February 4, 2008



Ever thought about how fast life is? Man, it feels not so long ago that I graduated from high school, and now it's ten years later. Ten years!!!
Today, as I was working out a thought came to me to just live it up everyday, going at it 100%. I mean, you never know when you are going to "kick the bucket." Could be tonight, or tomorrow, I mean there's a high percentage you'd be alive tomorrow but you never know. That's why I seriously need to put in all effort in my daily tasks. I feel God told me in a humors way "GEEEEVVE-UMMM!!!" Everyday, GEEEEVVE-UMMM!!! When you are at your job, GEEEEVVE-UMMM!!!, Worshiping the Lord, GEEEEVVE-UMMM!!!, On loving your family, GEEEEVVE-UMMM!!!, On your last rep to failure while working out, GEEEEVVE-UMMM!!! When you are using the bathroom, Geev....nah, nah, nah, that's not good ;) It only helps us all to get up off your a$$, and go GEEEEVVE-UMMM, cuz you neva know wen you going make, and at least you gave it your very, very best.

Shoots Bah, Lataz,